Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I finally bit the bullet and had the fuzz on my upper and lower lip waxed off. My friend Lana had hers done recently and it looked pretty good so I got the name and number of her esthetician.

I know its sad, but every time I look in the mirror my eyes are directed to the hair on my lip. The same hair I’ve seen appear on my mother and grandmother over the years. I’m lucky I’m blonde so it isn’t a true moustache but with sunlight and makeup it is pretty obvious.

Jeff says it isn’t that bad. But he also didn’t say he never noticed. As if saying it’s not bad is some how good.

I’ve tried electrolysis in the past because I wanted something permanent but I’m just not for the individual hair removal thing. And I always seemed to get huge white heads and scarring afterward. Not worth it. Because my hair is so fine I’m not a candidate for laser.

I’ve been icing my lip (with a cold pack, not the stuff you put on a cake) for about a half hour now and it’s still tingly. I had a super red mush when I came home. I was going to do some last minute errands but the redness and stinging sent me home with an ice pack. The whole thing was pretty cheap. $8. $16 because I had her do the chin too. Yes, I am a woolly mammoth.

So here is my hairy before pic from a few years ago. I took this picture for a lip gloss review I was working on.

Before Lip Wax

And here is the very red after shot. Still, it is smooth as a baby’s bottom.
After Lip Wax

I think. It’s still numb.

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