Bookmarker Flag Pen Bookmark Review

While I’m reading I am always using pens and post-it notes. If I have to take my book somewhere I always end up losing the post-its and pen in my purse (or end up forgeting to take them with me in the first place). So when Everyday Innovations asked me to review their Bookmarker Flag Pen I happily agreed.

It fits well in my hand and has a nice ink flow. The mini sheets are good for flagging and for making a short comment but I would like to see a larger note in the refill option instead of the duo colored one so it is easier to write a full thought. The pen is thin enough to mark a page without doing damage to the binding and the little red tab slides down to keep the ink of the pen from marking the page.

Read my full review for the Bookmarker Flag Pen at the Book-in-a-week blog.

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  1. Will@Marker Pen Shop says:

    This is how I do it too – I keep a pen tucked in my bedside draw – but I am going to read your review – that might work better.

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