I am Not a Crazy Cat Lady

When people find out I have two cats there always seems to be an immediate awkwardness followed by an off handed remark that I going to end up being a crazy cat lady. Do I love cats? Yes, of course. I grew up always having a cat in the house. That being said I do have a cat limit. Mine is three, my husband’s is two, hence only having two cats. But we also have a German Shepherd which on many days is like having eight cats rolled up into one except cats do not usually eat another cat’s poo.

Moe holding JDIn general I hate cat stuff. I may have an offhand curiosity in it when I am in the store but I do not buy cat stuff. I will admit to having a few miniature curio cats I bought when I was sixteen with my own hard earned money and I have a white bisque tealight holder which you can barely tell has a cat on it that was gifted to me. But DEFINITELY NO CLOTHING or ornaments. Unfortunately, because I have two cats, people, especially my mother-in-law, feel the need to buy me cat stuff. I have said many times that I am not into cat stuff but for some reason people feel a strong need to buy it for me. It has come to the point where I quietly re-gift to people who actually collect cat stuff.

I love all animals really but it was not until I actually got a dog that I realized I really am a cat person. I still love dogs (all dogs, all horses, all snakes, all bunnies, all toads — no spiders or other bugs, unless it’s a lady bug or dragonfly… or butterfly) and will probably have another dog in my lifetime but I definitely prefer the company of a purring cat over that of a dog that insists it must lick me.

I have been known to doodle the odd cat but I would not under any circumstances wear it on a t-shirt or even wear an applique sweater with cats on it. I do not hold a grudge against people who do, ok maybe a little.

I am a cat kisser. I kiss my cats numerous times a day. I love my cats. I do not tongue kiss my cats nor do I kiss them on the month. If my husband can have the dog lick his face I can kiss my cat’s nose or other parts of their face. I do avoid the mouth and yes I know the nose is critically close to the mouth which does a lot of butt cleaning; but have you seen what a dog does with his tongue?.

I may raise my voice an octave or two when talking to my cats but I have also noticed parents do it to their kids which I think is just as strange.

I have hundreds of pictures of my cats and dog (only a few are actually posted around the house), and maybe a few of the fish and the husband.

My first cat was cremated. He was 18 years old when he died. That means he was with me for 18 years — that is a long time to love another creature whether it be a human or a cat. Quite frankly, I did not know what else to do with him. His ashes sit in a discreet urn on my dresser and I still do not know what to do with him. Nothing feels “right”.

As for having my cats stuffed that would never ever happen. I do watch movies after all, that is where you learn about the crazy cat ladies who stuff their dead cats for the mantle or curled up on a pillow. The lady either ends up being a psycho killer or the cats come back to life and eat her. No thank you.

I love my cats. I like cats in general. I am not a crazy cat lady.

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