Celebrating Canada Day with LOTD

Squidoo helped me celebrate Canada Day by featuring my Seven Places to See in Canada Before You Die lens as the Lens of the Day (LOTD). A LOTD lens gets prominently featured on the main page of Squidoo for 24 hours as well as getting mentioned in the main newsletter and blog.

flagI knew something was up when I logged on and there were 30 new comments. As the day progressed it grew to over a 100. With so much traffic from fellow lensmakers and visitors my lens quickly climbed from 2000-ish to 18 in their ranking system.

This was actually good timing because I was in the process of updating the images from the old demised flickr module to the “shiny” gallery module. I still have to dig some photos out of an album but the lens is looking better than it ever has so I am proud of the placement. If you have not made it over there, please visit my Seven Places to See in Canada Before You Die.

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