Dog Gone It

Shelby has been having some issues with the steps leading to the front entrance — she will not go down them. This behavior started the last few months and has been distressing more to Jeff than to me. He thinks it is a vision issue and I think it is a silly dog issue (I know, bad mummy).

Jeff has wanted to nail down a carpet runner. Being the difficult one in our relationship, I do not want holes in the floor. Today he came home with individual tread covers and special two sided tape. So I cannot complain about the holes. I have not decided how I feel about the pattern yet. I imagine after twenty-four hours it will show off the fur really nicely. It makes me think of the metal grated stairs which Shelby is terrified of.

Shelby has been up and down twice with some encouragement. Ok, lots of encouragement and an oatmeal cookie. Suzie could care less at her age but JD was really put out when he realized there was something knew. He did the Meerkat-scaredy-cat pose at the top of the stares and ran away. I went down to the bottom of the stares and after a few minutes he decided to take a closer look. I just hope there will be no surprises on them tomorrow morning — not that my cats do that sort of thing.

JD checking out new carpet on stairs

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