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Day 2 – Cat

I have grown up with cats. I love cats. But I am not a cat lady nor do I like to receive “cat related” gifts. I know, I should be more appreciative, it is the thought that counts right? No, sorry it really is not.

Do not assume the friend, relative or acquaintance in your life loves “cat related” things because they love or have cats. It is entirely possible they do but please do not assume it. And do not assume because they have one or two cat ornaments that they are a cat ornament collector. It was probably some other well-meaning friend who thought they liked cat stuff because they have a cat or one moment of weakness ten years ago in which they purchased it. The best way to find out is to ask… then commit it to memory.

I also have a dog but I do not like dog stuff either. After, twenty years, Jeff’s dad has figured it out. He has even tried to be helpful by saying things like, “I notice you do not have many cat ornaments” to which I respond, “No, I don’t like them”. His momma, on the other hand, still does not pay attention (yes, I have said on numerous occasions I do not like cat stuff and thank you but please don’t). Know what she bought us this summer? A plate with a German shepherd on it. MY gawd!

I love my dog and my cat and I may even have a picture or two of them around the house but that is the extent of my cat and dog fetish. Why would I want a picture of someone else’s cat or dog no matter how cute it is? This is a rhetorical question.

Please think before you buy… personally I would rather have the gift of someone’s time than another knickknack that makes me think ill of a person every time I look at it.

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