The Cat’s in the Bed

Suzie and JD are complete opposites. Suzie is female and weighs 7 lbs. She has a delicate build with dainty paws but she is loud, bossy, and almost fearless. JD is a male and weighs 14 lbs. He has a thick build with huge fluffy paws but he is very quiet (when he meows he is barely audible — unless he is in the vet office where he can scream bloody murder), stealthy, jumpy, and a total fraidy cat. When it comes to food, Suzie is a grazer and respects the food bowls of other animals. JD wolfs down his meals and will steal other food if given the chance. Suzie was born in a barn and hung out with her siblings until her family was given to a pet shop. JD was born on the streets and had to fend for himself until he was rescued.

This is Suzie about twelve years ago:

Tabby Cat on the bed.

This is JD last week:

Grey cat lying on bed.

At least they have one thing in common. Well, that and not liking each other.

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  1. Lisa64801 says:

    JD looks like a Maine Coon cat. He’s very handsome.

    We have a Maine Coon who sounds just like your boy — she meows silently (a Maine Coon trait), unless she’s at the vet’s, she weighs 15 lb and is very tall and long, with big feet, and long, soft, silky fur, and a big fluffy “bib”. She is definitely a nervous fraidy cat.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I definitely think there is some Maine Coon in him.

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