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Day 9 – Sleep

I love to sleep. The only time I had a problem sleeping was when I was doing nightshifts in Geralton. I would sleep dead for three to four hours, then wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep. To get a full eight hours before my next shift was impossible. I had to resort to taking Gravol which would conk me out for at least 6 hours. I hated working the nightshift which is funny considering what a night owl I have turned out to be. These days I have no problem sleeping when I am supposed to. Baby sleeping

I went to a sleep clinic about four years ago when I first started having seizures (when they did not know what they were). It was an interesting experience and if you ever get the chance to go, go. They stick about twenty electrodes to your head, chest, calves and stick you in a small room to sleep the night. At the time they determined I had sleep apnea which means I stop breathing for a couple seconds before my internal alert kicks in and wakes me up. Apparently this does not make for a restful sleep. They hooked me up with a CPAP, a little machine with a mask, that forces air into your passageway to keep it open while you sleep. Me and my CPAP have a love hate relationship… but that is another story.

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