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Day 7 – Procrastination

Procrastination has always been my other middle name. I could have an assignment due two weeks from now and think about it every day and not have anything genuine come to mind. Nothing, nada. Then the day before I will bubble over with ideas and concepts and end up with a better outcome by staying up all night to complete it. I feel like I accomplish more and have more ideas in the last moments before something is due than the whole two weeks prior. That of course does not mean I do not try or take note of all the bad ideas that may come up.

Like anyone else, I avoid the things that are difficult, consuming, or I just do not like. Over the years I have practised pushing myself through these periods by purposefully working on my habits but I have a system and it works for me. It is not that they will never get done, it is just they do not get done as quickly as other people would like. And it is not always work related like you might think. One day I could do housework to avoid work and the next do work to avoid housework — I like to mix it up a bit. There is always something more important to do first.

Regardless of my procrastination habits, nothing is ever completely ignored. If I commit, I commit.

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