Exploring Personal Halloween Trends

A Halloween Meme for Bloggers

For some Halloween is part of their spiritual journey but for most it is about the candy and the costumes. This blogging meme lets your share some of your Halloween spirit on your blog. There are two ways that this meme can be tackled. It can be done all in one blog posting like shown here with short answers or broken up by each question or group of closely related questions for different days of the week. Mini pumpkins used as outdoor decorations in fall.

Exploring Personal Halloween Trends

Directions: Create a new blog post. Write an introduction then copy and paste the meme below into your blog and change the comments after the questions to your own. Use the title of this meme in your subject line or create your own. Feel free to tag your friends or not. A link back to this page would be appreciated.

1. Did you trick or treat when you were a kid? Definitely, it was a highlight. I would often tire out the adults who were supervising. I was so fascinated with people giving me candy and I would fill up one pillowcase and then go back home and get another.

2. How old were you when you stopped? Not sure. I was probably eleven or twelve.

3. What was your favorite costume as a kid? A neighbor who used to babysit me dressed me up as a pretty wicked hag with an old wool skirt, knee highs, black shawl, babushka, and green face paint complete with ugly moles.

4. What is your favorite adult costume. Witches are still tops.

5. What was your favorite Halloween treat as a kid? Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

6. As an adult? Not much has changed, it’s still Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

7. What do you like to give out for Halloween? Not much of a surprise here, Reese Peanut Butter cups in a zip bag with one rocket, one tootsie roll, one caramel, and one mini Kracker bar. We only get about thirty kids.

8. Does anything scare you about Halloween? Adults creeping around in the dark in hideous face masks; especially clowns. But mostly I am paranoid about our dog. When I was a kid a dog was poisoned and died one Halloween night and that has really stuck with me.

9. Are you superstitious about black cats? No. I think they are awesome.

10. Do you decorate your home for Halloween? I get a pumpkin, that’s pretty much it (although the last two years it has been mini pumpkins because they are so cute). I’m not a big decorations person in general. And I never dress up to hand them out (I know, bah humbug).

11. Do you bake Halloween goodies? Rarely, but if I do it is the Pillsbury pumpkin shaped cookies.

12. Are you a pumpkin carver? No, but I’m totally thrilled by other people who do it. I do like to bake the pumpkin seeds though!

13. What is your favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween? Anything to do with zombies!

Happy Halloween!

If you blog this meme then leave us a link will ya, I’d love to come read about you. Don’t have a blog? Well then, cut and paste the above meme into the box below and tells us all about your Halloween trends!

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