I have written content for BellaOnline for over ten years and in February 2014 I retired. Over that time I had been the editor in a few topic areas. My main topic area was the Large and Lovely site which I have had the privilege of working on for ten years. I also spent three years working on the Literary Fiction site which I retired from in January 2009. I have learned many things about writing, web design, networking, and self promotion from the site owner Lisa Shea and from the hundreds of other editors I have had contact with.

Large and Lovely

Large and Lovely site at BellaOnlineThis division of the BellaOnline website is in the Beauty and Self section. Its main purpose is to motivate and inspire plus size women by providing articles, reviews and news; perhaps a little rant or two. This site is meant to encourage confidence and break stereotypes. I was responsible for a weekly article and newsletter as well as regular forum updates.

Literary Fiction

literary fictionThis site is part of the Books and Music section of BellaOnline and its main purpose is to introduce new and old literary fiction authors through commentary and interviews. Book reviews and website recommendations are par for the course. When I was the editor I produced a weekly article and newsletter as well as updated the forums as necessary.

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