Blogs are a type of website used to communicate thoughts and feedback on pretty much any topic you can think of. In most cases it is not static like your every day website. It usually involves short informative posts (although some are more verbose than others) that can be followed up by comments from visitors.

At the moment I have five blogs that I post on to varying degrees from daily to monthly depending on the blog. I also guest blog at All Things Chic with my own contributor column, On the Plus Side with Moe.


biggirlblueThis is my personal blog that I started in March 2005. Most of my posts range from personal relationships and feelings to movie reviews and Hollywood crushes. I have talked about my hobbies and I have talked about my work.

The number of posts has varied throughout the years depending on the other areas in my life from a few a week to a few a month. Currently I am in the process of moving my posts over to my official site (M. E. Wood).

Five Favorite Things

fivefavoritesThis is my plus size shopping blog that I started in June 2007. The majority of the posts are on plus size clothing but I also include product reviews. Every Friday I provide a listing of sales and promotional coupons for my readers.

Late fall produces more postings than spring, but I blog a minimum of five days a week taking off the occasional holiday. In 2009 I started having monthly giveaways. At the end of 2009 I developed a Canadian version with the same face but slightly different layout.


Book-in-a-Wek Blog
This blog was started in May 2007 over at Blogger to compliment the Book-in-a-Week website and provide further inspiration and motivation to its members. The blog posts for this blog offer members interviews, website recommendations, inspiring quotes and other writer related details from reminders to news. In 2009 I moved the blog over to the main website and transformed the whole site with WordPress. In 2010 I took on a permanent guest blogger to help with content.

Initially, I posted a couple times a week but it has since evolved to a couple times a month.

The Write Prompts

The Write Prompts Blog
I consider this site to be a sister site for the Book-in-a-Week site although it stands alone. It is a blog for writers who use writing prompts as exercises to begin writing or to take a break from their current work-in-progress.

There are seven prompts a week (Sunday to Saturday), each with a different theme, and there is a growing list of followers both on the RSS feed and on Twitter (@PromptWriter). I update this blog every Sunday for the week.

And then there is the blog for this website where I talk about recipes, things around the house, my writing projects, pets, etc.

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