Celebrating Canada Day with LOTD

Squidoo helped me celebrate Canada Day by featuring my Seven Places to See in Canada Before You Die lens as the Lens of the Day (LOTD). A LOTD lens gets prominently featured on the main page of Squidoo for 24 hours as well as getting mentioned in the main newsletter and blog.

flagI knew something was up when I logged on and there were 30 new comments. As the day progressed it grew to over a 100. With so much traffic from fellow lensmakers and visitors my lens quickly climbed from 2000-ish to 18 in their ranking system.

This was actually good timing because I was in the process of updating the images from the old demised flickr module to the “shiny” gallery module. I still have to dig some photos out of an album but the lens is looking better than it ever has so I am proud of the placement. If you have not made it over there, please visit my Seven Places to See in Canada Before You Die.

Bleasdell in the Spring

A year ago I decided I was going to document the seasons at the Bleasdell Boulder, a “glacial erratic” or in layman’s terms a very big rock. Last night after resizing and uploading over forty pictures for spring I was officially completed.

creek and shrubs

One of the things you will learn while visiting my boulder lens is that the Bleasdell Boulder is more than a giant rock. There is a beautiful trail that circles from the parking lot to the rock and back again as well as offshoot trails. The view above is from a bridge crossing the clearest creek I have ever seen.

I really enjoyed getting to see the different seasons and of course dragging Jeff and the dog along for the ride and walk. I hope you enjoy viewing all the pictures from the four seasons at my Bleasdell Boulder Lens. Make sure you sign my guest book while you are there.

The Write Prompts Gets a Face Lift

It has been four years since the Write Prompts Lens had a new look and almost three years since the sister blog had a theme lift. It seemed like it was about time.

At first I planned to get the woman who has done most of my headers to create one for the Write Prompts blog but she has since moved on to other projects. I put it on hold for a few weeks while I searched and debated on a theme then came across a twitter friend who put a new header up on her blog. I liked it so she put me in contact with the busy artist. We talked about a few ideas but we really could not flesh out a solid look so we parted ways.

I had this red typewriter in my graphics cash for some time for “future use” and one day just started playing with the banner. I ended up with a header that is very simple and straightforward but I really like it. The Write Prompts blog was never very flashy so the change is not incredibly drastic.

The theme I am using is Thematic Theme Framework and it is not like your typical pop in and go theme. The Thematic is used as what is called a “parent” theme for its guts and whistles; then I had to create a “child” theme which controls the finer details like the red titles and dashed lines. The purpose of this type of theme allows you to make changes to a theme safely without them disappearing every time the original theme gets an update. If it sounds convoluted that is because it is. It was a serious headache for this self-taught html/(minimal)css girl. There was definitely a high learning curve and I only made very basic changes in my child theme. I will probably continue to make more tweaks as the year progresses but for the most part I think it will be good for a few more years.

I wanted to use the same typewriter over on the lens so I chopped it and brought it over. The old man in the library was the original image and quite small by Squidoo standards these days. This lens has been getting longer and longer over the years. Squidoo used to have page breaks that helped with loading time but they did away with them last year so basically everything was on one very long page. I tried to tidy it up a bit but it is still pretty long.

Overall it has been more time consuming than I had planned but I am happy for the learning experience and to have it done.

New Direction

Over the next couple weeks I will be tidying up this blog as well as transferring content over from a Blogger blog that I want to close. My goal is to finish up some blogging challenges as well as get back to regular blogging on what is really my primary “me” blog.

Thanks for your patience.


Retiring from Literary Fiction

After just over three years I’m retiring from the Literary Fiction site at BellaOnline. I will continue to maintain my contacts and review books through my official website, SquidLit, and Amazon. It has been an interesting experience and I have learned many things from it. I do not regret my time working on this site.

The Budget Fashionista

I have followed Kathryn Finney’s blog, The Budget Fashionista for a few years. I even recommend her book on my blog for the last year. At the end of December I applied to be a contributing fashion poster on her updated website. Much to my own surprised they were “very interested” and offered me a position which required me to turn in one assignment per week on plus size fashion. Here are six of the titles that made the cut:

  • Five Great Places to Purchase Plus Size Tights
  • The Best Wide Calf Boots
  • Five Great Plus Size Work Dresses
  • Five Pieces You Need For the New Year
  • Six Pieces For New Year Workouts

Visit the Budget Fashionista.

Five Years with BellaOnline

It’s hard to believe that I have been an editor at BellaOnline for five years. I’ve had a few topics over the years but my concentration has always been with the Large and Lovely site. 5

I have seen it grow from a few articles to hundreds. And watched the hits climb from 10,000 a month to over 100,000. It’s been great fun and I’ve learned a lot from the owner and fellow editors.

Here’s to another five years!

Giant Squid Top 100 Club

As of October 6, 2008 I joined the I joined the Giant Squid Top 100 Club. I remember back in the day (a few months before this) that I was working hard on my 50 lenses to become a Giant Squid. I never thought I’d make it this far but I did. Next goal. 200!”


New Look for Shopping Blog

My plus size shopping blog has moved and has a new look. It is not completely moved yet but you can find it over at http://www.plusshe.com

I decided to stick with the same blog name even though it is different from the url. The url is Plus She… say it fast. I thought it was cute.

Here are a few new plus size lenses I’ve added to my lensography:
* Products for Big People
* How to Use a Scarf
* Supersize Clothing

And here are some food lenses I have added:

* Spicy Black Bean Burger Recipe
* Spicy Chicken Soup for Two
* How to Make French Toast
* Ten Things to Do with Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Have a great week friends!

I’m a Giant Squid

This month: