The Cat’s in the Bed

Suzie and JD are complete opposites. Suzie is female and weighs 7 lbs. She has a delicate build with dainty paws but she is loud, bossy, and almost fearless. JD is a male and weighs 14 lbs. He has a thick build with huge fluffy paws but he is very quiet (when he meows he is barely audible — unless he is in the vet office where he can scream bloody murder), stealthy, jumpy, and a total fraidy cat. When it comes to food, Suzie is a grazer and respects the food bowls of other animals. JD wolfs down his meals and will steal other food if given the chance. Suzie was born in a barn and hung out with her siblings until her family was given to a pet shop. JD was born on the streets and had to fend for himself until he was rescued.

This is Suzie about twelve years ago:

Tabby Cat on the bed.

This is JD last week:

Grey cat lying on bed.

At least they have one thing in common. Well, that and not liking each other.

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Dog Gone It

Shelby has been having some issues with the steps leading to the front entrance — she will not go down them. This behavior started the last few months and has been distressing more to Jeff than to me. He thinks it is a vision issue and I think it is a silly dog issue (I know, bad mummy).

Jeff has wanted to nail down a carpet runner. Being the difficult one in our relationship, I do not want holes in the floor. Today he came home with individual tread covers and special two sided tape. So I cannot complain about the holes. I have not decided how I feel about the pattern yet. I imagine after twenty-four hours it will show off the fur really nicely. It makes me think of the metal grated stairs which Shelby is terrified of.

Shelby has been up and down twice with some encouragement. Ok, lots of encouragement and an oatmeal cookie. Suzie could care less at her age but JD was really put out when he realized there was something knew. He did the Meerkat-scaredy-cat pose at the top of the stares and ran away. I went down to the bottom of the stares and after a few minutes he decided to take a closer look. I just hope there will be no surprises on them tomorrow morning — not that my cats do that sort of thing.

JD checking out new carpet on stairs

I am Not a Crazy Cat Lady

When people find out I have two cats there always seems to be an immediate awkwardness followed by an off handed remark that I going to end up being a crazy cat lady. Do I love cats? Yes, of course. I grew up always having a cat in the house. That being said I do have a cat limit. Mine is three, my husband’s is two, hence only having two cats. But we also have a German Shepherd which on many days is like having eight cats rolled up into one except cats do not usually eat another cat’s poo.

Moe holding JDIn general I hate cat stuff. I may have an offhand curiosity in it when I am in the store but I do not buy cat stuff. I will admit to having a few miniature curio cats I bought when I was sixteen with my own hard earned money and I have a white bisque tealight holder which you can barely tell has a cat on it that was gifted to me. But DEFINITELY NO CLOTHING or ornaments. Unfortunately, because I have two cats, people, especially my mother-in-law, feel the need to buy me cat stuff. I have said many times that I am not into cat stuff but for some reason people feel a strong need to buy it for me. It has come to the point where I quietly re-gift to people who actually collect cat stuff.

I love all animals really but it was not until I actually got a dog that I realized I really am a cat person. I still love dogs (all dogs, all horses, all snakes, all bunnies, all toads — no spiders or other bugs, unless it’s a lady bug or dragonfly… or butterfly) and will probably have another dog in my lifetime but I definitely prefer the company of a purring cat over that of a dog that insists it must lick me.

I have been known to doodle the odd cat but I would not under any circumstances wear it on a t-shirt or even wear an applique sweater with cats on it. I do not hold a grudge against people who do, ok maybe a little.

I am a cat kisser. I kiss my cats numerous times a day. I love my cats. I do not tongue kiss my cats nor do I kiss them on the month. If my husband can have the dog lick his face I can kiss my cat’s nose or other parts of their face. I do avoid the mouth and yes I know the nose is critically close to the mouth which does a lot of butt cleaning; but have you seen what a dog does with his tongue?.

I may raise my voice an octave or two when talking to my cats but I have also noticed parents do it to their kids which I think is just as strange.

I have hundreds of pictures of my cats and dog (only a few are actually posted around the house), and maybe a few of the fish and the husband.

My first cat was cremated. He was 18 years old when he died. That means he was with me for 18 years — that is a long time to love another creature whether it be a human or a cat. Quite frankly, I did not know what else to do with him. His ashes sit in a discreet urn on my dresser and I still do not know what to do with him. Nothing feels “right”.

As for having my cats stuffed that would never ever happen. I do watch movies after all, that is where you learn about the crazy cat ladies who stuff their dead cats for the mantle or curled up on a pillow. The lady either ends up being a psycho killer or the cats come back to life and eat her. No thank you.

I love my cats. I like cats in general. I am not a crazy cat lady.

I can see clearly now…

…it has stopped snowing. But apparently there is another snow storm on the way. Sheesh, enough already. It is time for the goddess of spring to come out and play.

Here’s a pic of Shelby living it up in the back yard today. She, unlike me, cannot get enough of all that white stuff.

german shepherd in snow