Amanda Hocking

She became an internet sensation among young adult book readers when she started publishing her vampire books online (LuLu/Amazon/Barns & Noble) and marketing them herself, many for only .99 cents. Within a year she had sold a million books before she was picked up by a traditional publisher. I learned about Amanda Hocking earlier this year when she appeared in a short spot on Anderson Cooper. I have to admit I was originally attracted to her because she was plus size and thought she would be interesting on my plus size related venues. author, Amanda Hocking

Within a week I was downloading her My Blood Approves series (four books) from Kobo and seriously delving into the world of e-book reading via Jeff’s Blackberry Playbook. I was addicted and reading every night in bed, sometimes for hours; something I have not done in a long time. At the time when I purchased the books they ranged in price from .99 cents to $2.99.

I really enjoyed the My Blood Approves series which is what I would call a quick enjoyable read. There were a few typos within the books but really not much more than some of the traditional publications I have read. The story follows a young girl who meets a young boy who also happens to be a vampire and follows their journey of love and discovery as she joins his family of vampires. There was the usual vampire lore that we are used too but also a few new points of interest. Every one seems to want to compare young adult vampire books to Twilight and while there may be vague similarities there is no real comparison. I was sorry it was over.

When I finished with the vampires I moved on to the zombies with her Hollowland series which disappointingly was only two books. This series also has a young girls as the heroine and in this case she really is because hidden within her blood is a resistance to the zombie virus. Even though I am a zombie movie addict, this was actually the first zombie book I have ever read and while there were some scary aspects to it I had no problem lying in bed in the dark and reading it. So if you have not ventured into zombie lit yet this would be a good start.

I have taken a break from Amanda Hocking’s books at this point, only because I have so many on my desk I need to read and I really hate to dwell on one author for too long. But I am looking forward to getting into her Trylle trilogy, a paranormal romance that has been republished by St Martin’s Griffin and I think will be made into a movie someday soon.

Check out Amanda Hocking’s books.

Curvy Chics Gets Purple Star

Ever since the Purple Star was instituted at Squidoo I’ve been hoping that my Curvy Chics lens would get picked. Today the wish came true!

The Curvy Chics lens is kind of an index for other lenses. It gives brief intros on some of my favorite curvy chics and then leads readers to larger lenses on each curvy lady. This is one of my favorite lenses and I’m glad it received this acknowledgment.

Top 100 Listing

I am so excited that my Plus Size Halloween lens made it into Squidoo’s Top 100 listing. It is my first lens to be listed and it is the only plus size lens to make it. So I am proud. I realize that it is seasonal and chances are that next week it will not be that high. But I am going to enjoy the glow for a few days. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now if only I could get the Curvy Chics lens into the Top 100.

Kirstie Alley Lens

I can not be the only who thinks Kirstie Alley is unfairly treated by the pap and Hollywood in general. I have created a lens (surprise, surprise) on Kirstie Alley. Stop by, read, take a poll, rate, and leave a warm fuzzie.

Visit Kirstie Alley lens.

New Look for Shopping Blog

My plus size shopping blog has moved and has a new look. It is not completely moved yet but you can find it over at

I decided to stick with the same blog name even though it is different from the url. The url is Plus She… say it fast. I thought it was cute.

Here are a few new plus size lenses I’ve added to my lensography:
* Products for Big People
* How to Use a Scarf
* Supersize Clothing

And here are some food lenses I have added:

* Spicy Black Bean Burger Recipe
* Spicy Chicken Soup for Two
* How to Make French Toast
* Ten Things to Do with Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Have a great week friends!

Chubby Unicorn

My chubby unicorn came today. I absolutely fell in love with this t-shirt when I was over at Red No. 3 a few weeks back. I immediately headed over to Woot Shirt to place an order. I patiently waited seventeen days for it to arrive (pretty standard). It is here!

It is the most hideous color of green you can imagine. Well you can see for yourself below. But I absolutely love the unicorn. I giggle every time I look at it. I might have to make it into a poster so I can look at it all the time. I showed Jeff when he came home and it took him a moment to catch on to what the unicorn was doing. Again, little girl giggle. Me, not Jeff.

Anyhoo, Woot’s t-shirts are generally released for one day at the bargain price of $10 but it is still available at the day after price of $15 (what I paid). I bought a 3x and it is huge and really long so it will probably be a nightshirt after I torture Jeff by wearing it out in public first.

I must be the only one who sees the charm of this little guy. I know you have been waiting, make sure you take a moment to let it all sink in:

Chubby Unicorn T-shirt

The Skinny Is In… Or Not

A friend sent me one of those “why it’s not good to be skinny” emails with about five pictures of various skinny women… literally skin and bone. Most of the pictures were of runway models by the looks of it. I thought the email was fabulous and had every intention of showing the pictures in my blog for my readers to enjoy because I thought it drove home a good point.

But as the day moved on the point became less clear to me. I also came to a shocking realization, at least to myself, that posting the skinny women pictures would be no different than someone posting pictures of fat people and saying ‘this is what is wrong with fat people’. Which annoys me, and I am sure others, to no end. So here I am feeling guilty for thinking badly of thin people who have a right to be who they are just as much as we do.

What does this mean? No pictures for you of skinny women to make fun of. Instead here is a lovely picture by Julia Busato titled “Looking into the Heavens” from Raven Girl Photographythat I found on Deviant Art (account currently closed).

I bought this photo in 4×6 when the photographer had her images on Deviant Art and I adore daily. I would suggest you buy a photo to help support the photographer but am unsure if she is currently selling prints. You can find more of her work at the Raven Girl’s Photography Facebook and Julia’s Blog.