I joined Squidoo in July 15 2006 when I was introduced to the concept by another lensmaster. In June 2008, I became a Giant Squid lensmaker with fifty lenses then in October I joined the Top 100 Club. Most of my lenses fall into the plus size realm but I do explore other areas as well; including movies, books, travel, people, food, and how-to. On April 12, 2010 I became a SquidAngel and delivered blessing to well deserved lenses. I have over 300 lenses that I work on keeping updated.100clublogo

What is Squidoo? Squidoo is an online community of lensmasters who create lenses on any topic imaginable. There are over 900,000 lenses.

How does it work? Squidoo provides the location on the web and the tools and the lensmaster provides the content and creativity.

How do you make a lens for yourself? By following Squidoo’s step by step process you can make a lens about any topic in about fifteen minutes. Squidoo does all the work in making it pretty and lensmasters provide the content. Get started making a Squidoo lens.

Here are some of my lenses divided into convenient categories. Please stop by and visit a few and sign the guestbooks:

Writing and Reading Related

  • The Write Prompts – What is a writing prompt? It is a word, picture, phrase, quote or set of directions to help you kick-start your writing for those days when you just can’t get anything to percolate. In this lens you will find a few of the above options to help you…
  • Iris Murdoch – Iris wrote twenty-eight novels in her life. A few of which were written when she was stricken with Alzheimer’s.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia – The Chronicles of Narnia is made up of seven novellas which were originally published in the early 1950s as separate complete books.
  • Pride and Prejudice – A review of the Jane Austen classic.
  • Town House – A review of Tish Cohen’s book about a man and his agoraphobic lifestyle.
  • Cindy Davis – A mini bio for this author, editor and hobbyist.
  • Glenys O’Connell – Irish Canadian romance writer, children’s writer and travel writer.
  • White Oleander – A review page of Janet Fitch’s amazing novel about a teenager lost in the system.
  • On Blondes – A review of Joanna Pitman’s non-fiction book about the history of being blonde.
  • Robin Kaye – A Squidoo Who lens for this romance author from Brooklyn, New York.
  • The Awakening – A review of Kate Chopin’s classic novella.

Plus Size Related

  • Plus Size Active Wear – Where to find plus size active wear for yoga, walking, running, hiking and everything in between.
  • Plus Size Bras – If anyone should wear a good bra it is a plus size woman. There is after all more to accentuate, manipulate and support. Women of all shapes and sizes have been battling with their breasts for centuries.Plus size women have had it worse, being limited…
  • Plus Size Bustiers – Bustiers and corsets don’t have to be a drain on your pocketbook. There are a number of affordable and sexy options out there.
  • Plus Size Denim – Curvy girls don’t have to hide out in sweat pants and elastic waist pants. There are plus size jeans from a number of different online retailers. This lens highlights some of my favorite styles…
  • Plus Size Party Dresses – Love a good party? Looking for the right party dress for your curvy-lupcious figure? Here you’ll find great party dress options for plus size figures…
  • Plus Size Swimwear – No one said you had to wear a “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” to go swimming or hang out by the poolside. It is possible for plus size women to be fashionable water babies and…
  • Plus Size Halloween Costumes – Like other times of the year, Halloween has become a commercial event. That’s not always a bad thing, especially in the case of plus size Halloween costumes for women. Being a commercialized event means there are more options out there for plus size…
  • Plus Size Witch Costumes – A listing of vendors that offer witch costumes for plus size women.
  • The Full Body Project – The Full Body Project is a collection of 50 black and white nude photographs of the plus size form interspersed between 196 black and white pages. While it is not the first of its kind it is a welcome addition…
  • Big Girl Knits – Getting a new pattern book is always exciting but getting a new pattern book with patterns that actually allow me to knit projects to my body type… now that is something special.
  • My Favorite Fat Blogs – The truth is, there are a lot of fat people out there with something to say and it is worth reading whether you are fat or slim. What follows are some of my favorite blogs ranging from fat activists to shopping.
  • Plus Size Etsy – For shoppers looking for homemade clothing by small time designers.
  • Plus Size Yoga – A collection of my yoga related reviews and and interviews with a plus size focus.
  • Products for Big People – a listing of products for large individuals and where to get them.
  • How to Use a Scarf as an Accessory – A pictorial view of using a scarf as an accessory.
  • Supersize Clothing – A listing of retailers who offering women’s clothing beyond the usual plus size market.

Curvy Chics

  • America Ferrera – America Ferrera is far from ugly, she’s far from being fat. One thing is certain is that this young actress is a talented role model who has shown signs that she will be here for decades to come.
  • Chloe Marshall – If any one could be the banner girl on size acceptance for young women in the UK then Chloe Marshall may be their shining star. She hails from Guildford, England and competed to win Miss Surrey.
  • Crystal Renn – This plus size goddess from Clinton, Mississippi has appeared in French, Italian and American Vogue. No easy task for any curvy beauty. She’s also been a regular feature for Lane Bryant, Torrid, Dolce & Gabbana and Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Hanne Blank – For a long time plus size women had to rely on erotica laced with slim chicks. Then in walked Hanne Blank, curvy, intelligent and full of erotic stories to share about women like the rest of us.
  • Joy Nash – It seems like more and more people are becoming famous because of You Tube. Earlier this year a friend sent me a link to this video called A Fat Rant by Joy Nash. At the time it had 1300 views. The video which was written by Nash was professionally…
  • Jennifer Hudson – I first fell in love with Ms. Hudson when she was belting out amazing notes on American Idol. I was one of the would be viewers who couldn’t for the life of me figure out how…
  • Kirstie Alley – The sexy and hilarious actress from the prime time television series Cheers.
  • Mae West Quotes – She has a lot to say and a fabulous way of saying it. Here is a collection of her quotes along with some fabulous images.
  • Mia Tyler – “Beauty comes in all different packages. If you’re a size 12, then your not any less beautiful than a size 4.” Plus size model, actress, producer, advocate and public speaker, Mia Tyler is probably best known as rocker Steven Tyler’s…
  • Miss Platnum – Miss Platnum is the flamboyant persona of twenty-seven year old singer, songwriter and musician Ruth Renner. Renner is Romanian born but has lived in Germany since 1989. She started off her musical career singing in the school choir after her family immigrated to West Germany. This was followed by church choir…
  • Mo’Nique – Mo’Nique wears many hats besides TV personality. She’s a comedian, actress, fat advocate, author, model, wife and mother for four. She hales from a big family in…
  • Nigella Lawson – If a goddess walked the earth today I am more than positive she would look like Nigella Lawson. Tall, curvaceous, long black hair, creamy skin and a British accent. Ten years ago, someone like Nigella wouldn’t have graced the regional television…
  • Sara Ramirez – Some think that in comparison to her Grey’s Anatomy co-stars Sara Ramirez is chunky and I guess if you want to use them as a comparison then she is. But in comparison to the modern woman, even the classic woman…
  • Velvet d’Amour – Her notoriety began when John Galliano’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s used her luscious curves to round out their runway spring collections last year. The forty year old going on twenty-five was born and raised in the States but has lived in Paris, France…
  • Whitney Thompson – The first full-figure model to win America’s Next Top Model. The 21 year old hales from Florida.
  • Curvy Chics – Curvy chics are some of the most unrepresented women on the internet. In many of the top searches you find Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton etc. Anna Nicole Smith only made it into Lycos top fifty search terms after she died. It is my…
  • America’s Next Top Model – (Cycle 10) Here you will find my summary of each episode as well as my personal opinion about the girls. I hope you will join in on the voting.
  • Raven Symone – Plus size songstress, actress, model and television host best known as Olivia from the Cosby Show.
  • Chenese Lewis – A lens highlighting the accomplishments of the first Miss Plus America.

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