Ditto E-book Reader

There are two things I think of when I hear the word “Ditto”, the first is the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze responding to Demi Moore’s “I love you” with “ditto”. The second is the punk Indie songstress Beth Ditto. Now I will have a third — a company out of Freemont, California is releasing a new e-book this month called Ditto.

“Ditto” is an acronym for Digital Interface Total Text Organizer. It is similar in appearance to Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader but comes with a lighter price tag of $249. Another major difference with this device is it is wired. Meaning it is not as self-sufficient as the wireless Kindle; files will need to be transferred from a computer.

Ebook ReaderThe Ditto e-book comes with a six inch screen and has a long battery life (“operates for days if not weeks without a charge”) for reading portable document format (PDF) as well as sound files like MP3s.

Other features:

  • 4 levels of gray scale
  • low power CPU engine core
  • SD card option for increased memory
  • holds 1000+ books
  • light weight
  • zoom capability
  • earphones / adapter

The Ditto website has a listing of over twenty websites that offer a huge selection of free (or affordable) e-books to download as well as a listing of retailers. Hint: These links could be used with the Ditto or any other reading device you have.

I’m not sure how I feel about a wired device. It seems to be a step back from Kindle’s wireless but I’m sure there will be a home for Ditto’s e-book in the market place. There is something to be said for the more affordable price, good memory and long battery even if it is attached. At the moment the Ditto e-book can be purchased via phone (510) 683-9066.

Learn more about the Ditto e-book from the official website.

This piece was first published on 7/8/2009 at Literary Fiction, BellaOnline.